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Eclipse Hunter v4c4 Tears, Aside from Smiles

(Republished because I've made some revisions)
Orange text means that my translation may not be accurate. Please comment if you find any mistakes ^^
After reading Odd Squad's version of v4c4, I've discovered several mistranslations. I've added some footnotes at the very end about these mistranslations.

Study IV Tears, aside from smiles

Dark Sun left the toy store. Because there was no way his model would be completed that very day, he couldn’t obtain anything, so he continued to be unhappy.

Following the microchip’s suggestion, he walked into the barbecue restaurant he and Ezart had gone to several times. At this time, it was already 8 o’clock, so those who had been eating dinner had already finished, and those who wanted to eat midnight snacks hadn’t sat down yet. As a result, there weren’t very many people in the restaurant.

Sitting down, he said simply to the waiter who’d come to take his order, “Give me a portion of everything.”

“The portions at this restaurant are very large,” the surprised waiter reminded him kindly.

“A portion of everything,” Dark Sun repeated evenly.

Eclipse Hunter v4c5 Willfulness, Aside from Servility

(Republished because I made a few corrections)
Orange text means that my translation may not be accurate. Please comment if you find any mistakes ^^
Thanks to Lilyttse for catching a typo.

學習 V 服務之外,還有任性
Study V Willfulness, aside from servility

The next day, when it was time for school, Daren still did not see Ezart waiting for him, but he wasn’t sad at all. He already knew from Avery that all this had been arranged by Gege. Gege had sent people to contact Elian’s trio and Ezart, telling them to ignore Daren no matter what happened.

And all of this was to make him angry in order to force “Dar” out from behind Dark Sun.

This caused Daren to be in such a good mood today that he felt like flying, even though Ezart hadn’t been waiting for him.

“All right! Today I’m going to fly to school!” Daren exclaimed vivaciously.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Eclipse Hunter v4c6 Naughtiness, Aside From Obedience

Orange text means that my translation may not be accurate. Please comment if you find any mistakes ^^
Thanks to Lilyttse for helping me with my Chinese.

學習 Ⅵ 除了聽話,還有調皮
Study VI Naughtiness, Aside From Obedience

Daren was very unused to being in Class A ― the students were so quiet it was frightening.

Even though the various noisy sounds that had exploded from Class A in the beginning had been more frightening than those from Class D, his original class, the students quieted very quickly. There was only the sound of the teacher introducing him and Lance in the entire classroom.

The feeling of standing at the platform facing tens of pairs of eyes fixed on him from below in the midst of complete silence really was quite strange. Suddenly Daren kind of missed the noisiness of Class D.

However, Lance, on the other hand, seemed perfectly content. He had been smiling at the students below him the entire time. Occasionally, when several students revealed worshipful expressions, he would even wink at them.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

About Me and This Site

Hi. I'm Irid, your translator. This is not my first time translating Chinese to English, but I am fairly new at this, so please don't expect too much from me.

You might be wondering why I've included the Chinese text as well as my English translation. Truthfully, my Chinese isn't that great, and I rely on lots of different translation sites to help me. Unfortunately, these sites may not be very accurate, and I inevitably come across phrases that these translation sites can't help me with. There may also be typos in the original Chinese text that I do not catch. If your Chinese is fairly good, I would appreciate it if you would help me check the accuracy of my translations as you read, or at least look over several words or phrases I'm having trouble with. For now, I've decided to use orange text to indicate words or phrases that I'm not sure about. Even if you don't know any Chinese, I'd be grateful if you helped me point out mistakes in grammar, punctuation, etc. You could even criticize my word choice or suggest less wordy ways to convey an idea. If you come across anything you think needs changing, please feel free to leave a comment or email me ( By the way, I live in the United States, so I will be following the standards for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. of that country.

I think some of you would probably ask me why I bother translating when my Chinese is this terrible. One of the reasons why I'm translating is so that I can improve my Chinese (and my English). I'd be grateful if you helped me with that.